Orijinalini görmek için tıklayınız : 10 Live Player v1.7.2399 indir

aŞk-ı LâL
13 Mart 2009, 12:08
http://www.imagelodge.net/imgs/jbpseudo/Scr0000011lj.jpg (http://www.imagelodge.net/imgs/jbpseudo/Scr0000011lj.jpg)http://www.imagelodge.net/imgs/jbpseudo/Scr000002tl2.jpg (http://www.imagelodge.net/imgs/jbpseudo/Scr000002tl2.jpg)
10 LIVE billion from the Shanghai Science and Technology Network Limited self-development, a mobile phone client software for playing audio and video, live television online support, online support film programming; with the latest streaming media technology, without having to wait for the need to download.
10 LIVE support cmwap, cmnet wireless streaming media player softwarehttp://www.etkiforum.com/images/smilies/nokta.gif LIVE 10 can be realized in the low-speed network under the conditions of smooth wireless streaming video viewing experiencehttp://www.etkiforum.com/images/smilies/nokta.gif
1. New procedures interface, more rich content collection
2. Built-in browser program, to watch the one-stop service
3. Automatic software upgrade
4. Unlimited playlists
5. Against China Mobile, readjust and optimize the network transmission network
6. Support multiple networks (including wifi, gprs, edge, Bluetooth)
7. High fluency
8. High-definition
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