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01 Ocak 2009, 19:58

MSN, ICQ, http://www.gencliknerde.net/images/smilies/yahoo.gif, AIM-AOL ve IRC hesaplarına bağlanabileceğiniz en kaliteli ve en kapsamlı program. Bu program ile bu dört programın sunucularına ve IRC'ye bağlanabilirsiniz. Trillian ile bu 4 büyük mesajlaşma servisinin tüm özelliklerini kullanabilirsiniz.

Başlıca Özellikleri:
* 4 Büyük mesajlaşma servisine bağlanabilme
* IRC sunucularına bağlanabilme
* IRC sunucularının tüm özelliklerini kullanabilme
* Kullanıcı arayabilme
* Dosya paylaşabilme
* Sesli ve görüntülü sohbet yapabilme
* Kullanıcı bloke edebilme
* Smiley kullanabilme
* Arayüz (skin) değiştirebilme
* Gelen mailleri okuyabilme
* Tüm standart özellikleri kullanabilme.

Cerulean Studios has begun to offer some information about the next version of its popular cross-network IM tool, Trillian. The new version, called Trillian Astra, has a preview site and video now available that Jordan Running pointed us to first. Trillian lets users use one application to IM with people on a number of other IM systems.

This new version is going to see some big changes in a program with a large number of loyal users. The following are just a few of the newer things that the company says are coming in the newest version of the software. Trillian is for Windows only. Astra is currently in private alpha, we’re just excited to cover this first preview.

There’s a whole lot of innovation going on in IM right now and we plan on making an overview post on this space over the next few days, but this Astra preview is so hot we thought it deserved its own post.

We’ve embedded the company’s promotional video of the preview at the end of this post.

The application allows users to chat in http://www.gencliknerde.net/images/smilies/yahoo.gif!, ICQ, AIM, Bonjour, Windows Live, Google Talk and now MySpace IM. The company says that MySpace IM integration has been the leading feature request for some time.

The new version allows users to select up to 5 files for simultaneous drag and drop file transfer; Trillian will automatically zip them up and send them as a zip file. Images can be dropped immediately into the window for file transfer as well.

Astra will be more accessible from multiple computers than ever before as well. The program will download your contact list every time you sign in to Astra at any computer.

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